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«Everything is possible for those who dare and dream and work.»
X. Dolan

Born into a musicians' family, I was quickly drawn to the artistic community. As a child, every dinner became an excuse for a little performance.

Soon, the kitchen's stairway became too small a scene for my musicals, so my parents signed me up for a drama class.

This was a revelation! l was eager to learn, and curious of everything : theater, cinema, circus, cabaret, street arts, everything !

Always wanting to go further, I strapped on stilts and trained with the Jo Bithume company.

I wanted to go faster, so I trained my creativity through the LIMA (Maine Anjou Improvisation League).

Eager to try everything, after graduation from high school I was free to go explore the two worlds I had been dreaming of : the world of theater and that of cinema.

I started my exploration in Belgium in 2001, when I was admitted at the Lassaad International School of Theater and Movement. I graduated from Lassaad in 2003, then left Belgium for Denmark and the EFC (European Film College), feeding on cinema... and potatoes !

My diplomas in hand, I then went back to France, eager to live and share my passion.

I then founded Travelling Côté Cour, a theater and video association with a citizen engagement, aiming at performing for audiences with little cultural access and at standing up for equality, in a spirit of solidarity.

I proved myself among the Gueule de Loup Company, embarking on a theatrical adventure which has been going on to this day.

I then made my first short film, and won a few video contests.

In September 2010 began a-once-in-a-lifetime aventure which led me to leave France again : Multicap, a documentary film project exploring disabilities around the world, through 24 documentary short films, 90 individuals interviewed, 100 organizations met in 15 countries and the birth of a webdocumentary : Regarde-moi («Look at me») An adventure which has marked my life forever.


Back in France, I trained with Pierre-Yves Massip (former student of the mime Marceau), and founded my own company, Oscar & Molière, which specializes in movement theater and video.


In 2015, my life took a new turn, the terrorist attack at the Bataclan concert hall in Paris made me realize how much our freedoms and human values were at risk. Together with a number of other artists, we created a collective, La Culture Contre-Attaque (Culture Counter-Attacks). A community of artists, united to fight generalizations and hatred, through art.


And each day, I keep on doing my many jobs/passions, as a militant act which stirs consciences.

« Let’s hold on to our dreams because together we can change the world, and the world need to be changed. Touching people, making them cry, making them laugh. There are no limits to our ambitions except for the ones we build for ourselves »

Everything is possible for those who dare and dream and work.


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